Airocide Air Purifier Review: Best We Have Reviewed

Airocide Air Purifier review score: 100/100. The Airocide APS-200 is the best air purifier we have reviewed, bar none. This is not your traditional air purifier. It does more than just removing allergens and pollutants in the air. It is engineered with sophisticated technology that you would never find in other purifiers available in the market today. If you are not satisfied with your current air purifier, it is probably time to switch to the Airocide APS-200 Air Purifier.

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Kills and Destroys

Unlike other traditional air purifiers, Airocide Air Purifier does not use filters to trap pathogens and allergens. It is equipped with a catalyst which was originally developed by NASA to destroy all airborne pollutants and odors targeting especially, those that are invisible to the eye. This titanium-coated catalyst aims to kill and destroy pathogens like VOCs, mold spores and viruses that are often missed by ordinary air purifiers. Oxidation process is what destroys the components of pathogens.

Better Air Cleaning Feature

With Airocide Air Purifier, VOCs are completely removed hereby, creating a safe and clean ambience free from allergens and harmful allergens. People who suffer respiratory conditions such as allergy and asthma can experience a very significant improvement in their health. This product is much more efficient for babies as it protects them from toxins.

Zero Ozone

You may be taken aback about ozone emission because the product does not use filters but an oxidation process instead. There is absolutely zero ozone emission during the process because the catalyst is coated with titanium and is enclosed in its Reaction Chambers. You are assured that no harmful effects are brought by the oxidation process of Airocide Air Purifier.

Credible and Trusted

Airocide Air Purifier is not only trusted by many households but big companies as well like Whole Foods Market, Del Monte, Kraft and Schweiger. The product has been used by food manufacturers because of its ability to fight toxins and harmful gases that could contaminate food processing. It is an effective way to prolong the shelf life of many fruits and vegetables. Airocide Air Purifier is also used in wineries to prevent the growth of molds.

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Airocide Reaction Chamber Replacement Kit


The reaction chambers in the Airocide air purifier should be replaced once a year for optimal performance. You will know you need to replace them when you see the indicator link on your Airocide air purifier start blinking.

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Airocide Floor Stand


For the best performance, the Airocide APS-200 air purifier should be placed at least one feet above ground – the Airocide floor stand was made specially for this purpose. It helps you create the optimal position for your Airocide air purifier. The floor stand is also ideal for those with small homes and want to optimize the use of space in the house.

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Airocide Wall Mount Kit


Instead of using a floor stand or placing your Airocide air purifier on the floor, you can also use a wall mount kit. This helps you optimize the use of space and helps ensure optimal performance of your Airocide APS-200.

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Airocide Air Purifier has proven to be more effective than other leading air purifiers. Its air cleaning methods and ability to remove airborne pollutants and odors are top of the line. It is packed with features that will completely eliminate harmful elements in the air including VOCs. Airocide Air Purifier gives you the ultimate solution in getting rid of many potential causes of airborne illnesses.

Keeping your space sanitized is what Airocide Air Purifier does. It is wrong to define it as an air filter because it is not. It uses a more complex way of removing allergens, pathogen, pollutants and odors in the air. You may hear a little noise during its operation but this is nothing to be alarmed about. This is to indicate that the product is working. Its price is the major downside of the product but this is a very worthy one-time investment.

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